Anonymous Encounters

Book 5 of The Billionaires Club

by Cassandra Dee

What we’re doing is so wrong.

Who goes on a site called Discreet Encounters? Well if you’re me, a shy, naïve eighteen year old girl, then on-line meet-ups sound pretty good.

So when Donovan answered my ad, I was surprised. What was an alpha male doing on a site like this?

But when I met the billionaire in person, all my pre-conceived notions were blown out of the water.

He told me to bend over.

He told me that I was his, even if we were total strangers.

He told me to crawl, to beg, and cry out his name as those six pack abs pressed into me from behind.

But I loved it. I did everything he commanded … and more.

What’s happened to me? How did a shy librarian become a bad girl, leaving all my inhibitions at the door?

But it doesn’t matter because I belong to this mysterious, anonymous man now. And I can’t get enough.

Hey Readers – Ever dreamed of going anonymous? Then indulge in your wildest fantasies because this book will knock your socks (and panties) off 🙂 As always, an HEA is guaranteed with no cheating and no cliffhangers. Enjoy! Xoxo, Cassie

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Anonymous Encounters