A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

by Cassandra Dee & Katie Ford

I got pregnant from my illicit encounter with the billionaire.

My ex-boyfriend told me that I was “too curvy” for his tastes.  He wants someone thinner whom he can bring around without being embarrassed.

I almost died with hurt and anger right there at the sandwich shop.

But karma is a bitch because it turns out my ex has a twin brother:  Dylan Masterson, who’s ten times hotter and a CEO too.

I hatch a plan …

I’m going to sleep with my ex’s identical twin brother as revenge.

It’ll feel so *good*.

But what happens when the billionaire gives me a baby?

Hey Readers – Our sassy heroine is humiliated but Fiona gets the best kind of revenge.  You’ll love her saucy comebacks, and best of all, Dylan Masterson makes it all worth it with his OTT alpha ways and a baby for the curvy girl!  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA.

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