Buying A Bride

The billionaire buys whatever he wants - including a bride.

by Cassandra Dee

Melanie’s mom is a schemer. One day at a bar she meets billionaire Aaron Black and propositions him on behalf of her daughter. To Mrs. Conway’s surprise, Mr. Black agrees – his fortune in exchange for a month with her daughter.

Aaron Black is used to buying what he wants. Fast cars, gorgeous women, and big houses are par for the course. So why not a bride? It’s the next logical purchase for the billionaire. But what he doesn’t count on is getting a curvy girl with a mind of her own and a feisty spirit that leaves him craving more.

Hey Readers – We’re off in La-La Land where a spunky girl enters into a steamy, over-the-top business deal.  But don’t worry because it’s a surprise ending with an HEA for all.  As always, the heat level is HIGH.  Enjoy!  Love, Cassie and Kendall

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Buying A Bride