Claiming Her As a Daddy

A Forbidden Billionaire Romance

by Cassandra Dee & Sarah May

Ava’s hired to be a hostess at an exclusive club on a private island, far from the rest of the world.  She thinks she’s there to serve a group of handsome, demanding billionaires, but what happens when playboy Carver Temple catches her in an extremely compromising situation?

Carver’s got everything at his fingertips, from fast cars and beautiful women, to boatloads of money and a life filled with utter hedonism.  He’s bored out of his mind, but a visit to Billionaires Island changes all that when he meets the sassy, feisty Ava.  Because Carver and his friends have set up a contest, and he’s going to make sure he wins by any means necessary… even if it means putting a baby in Ava’s belly!

Ever wanted to indulge in a fantastically taboo fantasy?  Then here’s your chance!  The billionaires have dreamed up a competition that will rock your world, this time in a secluded island paradise.  Let go of your inhibitions and get ready for a rip-roarin’ good time!  As always, bring ice so you don’t overheat.  Xoxo, Cassie

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Claiming Her As a Daddy