Claiming Her In the Pool

A Billionaire Sports Romance

by Cassandra Dee & Sarah May

I needed money so I took a job as a pool girl at an all-male swim club.

It would be easy: pick up towels and serve drinks to bored billionaires with too much time and money on their hands.

But when I saw what happens at the pool, my mouth dropped open.

Let’s just say that they have to change the water daily, if not hourly, because there’s so much hot goop that it can’t possibly stay clean.

But one day, a handsome billionaire sees me … and his blue eyes gleam.

Trent Lewis is irresistible with a body to die for and an empire at his command.

But he only has one thing on his mind.

Swimming lessons.

Getting that water dirty all over again.

Floating among the bubbles.

Enjoying the steamy depths.

And after we’re done, they’ll have to drain the entire pool to get it clean!

Hey Readers – We’re back at the Billionaires Club for some filthy debauchery. As usual, the story’s off the charts crazy and taboo, so keep a drink close by to cool down!  Plus, be sure to check out the entire Claiming Her series.  It’s all about the filthy taboo stories that keep you on your toes.  You’ll love the series, we promise 🙂 xoxo Cassie and Sarah

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Claiming Her In the Pool