Client Number Six

A Dial-A-Date Forbidden Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Hot and hung like a horse? Why not hire a man to try it out?

Jennie needs a date for her high school reunion. Ten years out, she wants to show the mean girls that she’s made it career-wise, looks-wise, and most importantly, relationship-wise. One problem: There’s no boyfriend in sight. Not even close.  So she turns to a male escort service that promises men who are STALLION-sized.

Jason’s a former high school quarterback who works as a movie producer. He moonlights on the side meeting women and providing the “boyfriend experience.” Little does he know that his next client is the curvy girl from his past … who’s turned into a bombshell!

Warning: This story is absolute filth mixed with a dose of sugary sweet goodness. In fact, it’s so sugary that you might have trouble swallowing all that salty fun. But who hasn’t wanted to go back to their HS reunion with a hot guy on their arm? Trust me, you’ll love it 🙂 xoxo, Cassie and Kendall

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Client Number Six