Double Candy Canes

A Holiday MFM Menage Romance

by Cassandra Dee

The trailer park has been good to me because it brought me two of Daddy’s handsome, growly friends.

I grew up at Sunset Residences.  The double-wide trailers here are what I’m used to and what I like.

Unfortunately, Daddy has a gambling problem that’s left us up the creek.

One day, my dad’s friends stop by:  Drake and Derek Stone.  They’re presumably coming by to “borrow a cup of sugar” but I know what they’re really here for.

Daddy’s gambling problem has gotten out of control, and Drake and Derek are here to collect on his debt.

But what do I have to offer?

Will the two gorgeous men take my sweetness as payment in full this holiday season?

Or are two enormous candy canes too much for me to handle?

Hey Readers – The mistletoe is working its magic because Mercy finds love in the hands of two growly, handsome alpha males who are completely over the top when it comes to claiming what’s THEIRS. Get out your candy canes for a rockin’ good time!  You’ll love the story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

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Double Candy Canes