Double Desire

An MFM Menage Sports Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Karlie:  When my mom married Jerry McKesson, I thought my life was over.  Jerry’s twin sons, Colt and Cain, are insufferable, rude, and arrogant, not to mention football stars.  My quiet life as a photographer has been upended because now, I live down the hall from two gorgeous men who do whatever they want.  They bring friends over late at night, blast music until the crack of dawn, and of course, there’s an endless stream of floozies.  The banging noises at night?  The creaky headboard and breathy, soundless moans?  The twins live to torment me, even if I secretly want to be the object of their affections.

Colt:  My brother and I couldn’t believe it when we met our new stepsister.  Karlie was curvy, unassuming, and totally innocent.  We figured our nightly escapades would shock the socks off her but looks definitely lie.  One night, we take a trip to the big city to “make it rain” with our football buddies.  It’s a pre-game tradition:  we hit up local joints looking for pretty girls, and then toss bills for good luck.  But when the curtain pulls apart at a particularly seamy club, suddenly the beautiful woman on the stage makes our jaws drop.  Are our eyes deceiving us, or have we just unveiled a titillating secret about our shy stepsister?

Hey readers – You’ll love this steamy romance because of its crazy twists and turns!  Karlie, Cain and Colt face uphill battles but of course, the trio come out winners in the end.  You’ll love it, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

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Double Desire