Fake Daddy To Be

A Forbidden Romance

by Cassandra Dee

I thought it was only once.

We even used fake names.

But then I got pregnant.

Jolene:  As part of a dare, I assumed a secret identity and snuck into a fancy formal-dress ball under the name “Trixie Dickson.”  Okay, it’s a dumb moniker but it worked because a handsome billionaire swept me off my feet.  I felt like Cinderella in my ballgown, except that this billionaire was no prince.  The alpha male took me every which way, so thoroughly until I couldn’t breathe.  Even more, I got pregnant that very night.  Now what do I do?

Channing:  Imagine my surprise when Little Miss Trixie Dickson (who chooses a name like that?) turns up on my doorstep the day after the ball.  The sweet girl is curvy, sassy and utterly innocent with a mop in hand and her hair tucked into a kerchief.  But I have a plan because Trixie Dickson isn’t just going to be my maid … she’s going to be my baby’s mommy!

Hey Readers – Stop the presses because Jolene and Channing are setting the pages on fire with a dose of steamy heat!  Our sassy heroine sneaks into a fancy ball like Cinderella, but warning:  this is no stiff, formal prince.  Channing Saint is an alpha male who gets what he wants, and he won’t stop until the curvy girl is heavy with his baby.  Read, relax, and enjoy!  You’ll love the book, I promise.  Xoxo, Cassie

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Fake Daddy To Be