Falling for My Dad’s Best Friend

A Forbidden Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Mr. Parker is my dad’s best friend and totally off-limits.

Mr. Parker is my dad’s buddy from way back when. They do everything together, from poker games and playing tennis, to taking us on family vacations. So when my parents invited Mr. Parker to the cabin for a weekend, it was perfect. I couldn’t have been more excited to see the handsome alpha male.

But something’s different this year.

Because Mr. Parker has been watching me.

His eyes trail my curves, wandering over the sumptuous hills and valleys.

And last time I caught him looking, he wasn’t embarrassed at all!

Is that wrong? But if so, then what happens next with the forbidden older man?

Hey Readers — This is a romance about a May December couple where the sparks fly high and hot! You’ll love the story, I promise. As always, there’s a guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers and no cheating.

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Falling for My Dad’s Best Friend