Falling For My Enemy

A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Morgan:  I was hired to be a stewardess by the big bad billionaire himself, Stone Evans.  I thought he’d be another entitled jerk with too much money.  But instead, the man is mouthwateringly gorgeous, with sculpted abs, a bronzed chest, and a dazzling smile.  But the billionaire makes me a naughty offer:  my body, in exchange for information.

Stone:  In the world I come from, corporate espionage is the norm.  We all have spies planted with our competitors in order to cut dirty deals and gain the upper hand.  But Morgan changes everything.  Suddenly, the curvy girl makes me think twice.  I want to bend her over backwards and make her take it all, but what happens when I begin falling in love?

Hey Readers – Morgan and Stone are sheer filth when it comes to games of love and war.  Their chemistry heats up the sheets so much that you’ll need a fire extinguisher just to keep from combusting.  As always, an HEA and no cheating and no cliffhangers.  Enjoy!  Xoxo, Cassandra

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Falling For My Enemy