Falling for My Son’s Best Friend

A Secret Baby Sports Romance

by Cassandra Dee

MILFs have all the fun.

I’m a mom.  A responsible, attractive woman with a good job.  I have a curvy figure, and get my share of male attention.

But I never thought Trent Markham was the answer. A pro athlete, my son’s childhood friend is ripped and muscled, with females buzzing around like desperate honeybees.

But one day, Trent comes over when my son isn’t home and catches me using the Inseminator.  I swear, I thought I was alone before pulling out the naughty toy.  I thought I shut the door, and had 100% complete privacy.

Evidently not because Trent caught me on the bed, enjoying myself.

The buzz was so loud.

My moans were even louder.

And suddenly, the pro athlete wants in on the action.

This is wrong, but we have a lot of fun together.  And we make use of of every surface in the apartment.

But Trent’s also devastatingly virile, and now I’m pregnant with the football player’s baby.  Will my MILF fantasies come true?  Or was this just a temporary good time?

Hey Readers —  Have you ever wanted to play sexy cougar?  This story gives into those naughty dreams.  Our heroine is a good girl who dives into the MILF life, but then gets pregnant with a handsome man’s baby.  She finds herself in a conundrum, but as always, gets her HEA in the end. Enjoy! Xoxo, Cassie

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Falling for My Son’s Best Friend