His Baby to Keep

A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

by Katie Ford

I’m caught between two men: one good and one evil. But which one is my baby’s father?

Fiona’s been hurt. Her boyfriend Ricky dumps her for no reason, leaving the curvy girl empty and bewildered. So when she discovers that her ex has an identical twin, she’s immediately filled with suspicion. What good could come from trusting another handsome man?

Dylan Masterson is nothing like his twin Ricky. Dylan’s rich and successful, while Ricky’s intent on screwing up his life. And when Dylan meets Fiona, he immediately wants in. After all, the sassy BBW is innocent yet charming, sultry and sexy at once. But can he date his twin’s ex? Even more, what happens when Fiona reveals she’s pregnant, but that the baby could be his twin’s?

Hey Readers – Ever craved a little filth? Well now your dreams are coming true. Our heroine is naïve and innocent, but boy, does she grow up fast. Be sure to pack a fire extinguisher because you’ll need it! Xoxo, Katie

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His Baby to Keep