His Baby

A Taboo Medical Romance

by Cassandra Dee and Kendall Blake

He wants a baby, and he’ll put one in me by any means necessary!


I’m a doctor.  I give exams to all sorts of people.

But one day, Mace Jackson walks into my office, making my heart thud. He’s healthy as a horse, with broad shoulders and a powerful chest. There’s no way he’s sick.

But when we get personal, the fireworks start.

Because as a doctor, I know that not only is this man perfectly healthy but he’s also stunningly virile.

Plus, I’m baby crazy, did I mention?

Years of school have left me no time to date and meet men. Now the clock’s ticking, and the answer’s just walked through the door …

A baby with this man.

Or two babies.

Or even ten!

Hey Readers – This novella turns the doctor trope on its head because our sassy heroine’s the physician in this story. Suddenly, the key question is: gloves or no gloves? As always, it’s a totally crazy, taboo to the hilt romance that’ll leave a sugary sweet taste in your mouth. Love, Cassie and Kendall

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His Baby