His Captive

A Revenge Marriage Romance

by Cassandra Dee

I’m gonna break her. And she’ll scream as I’m doing it.

Anna is a slut. The redhead is a golddigger who got my brother to propose after one night.
After twenty-four hours, my stupid little bro was head over heels, worshipping at the curvy girl’s altar.
But I’m not going to let her destroy us. 
I’m not going to let her steal our family fortune.
I’m not going to let her walk away with everything.
So I’ve kidnapped the redhead. Yeah, I tied her up and threw her into the back of my trunk.
And now she’s locked up with no place to go.
The redhead’s in chains.
Writhing and mewling.
Crying out helplessly.
Begging me.
Bending over.
Because I know she wants it.
And do I give it to her?
But who’s the captive now?

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His Captive