Iron Soldier

A Military Amnesia Second Chance Romance

by Katie Ford and Sarah May

I only feel safe when I'm in the soldier's arms.

Brent Lewis was everything to me five years ago.

But he left me to join the Army without even a goodbye.

Now he’s back.

Devastatingly handsome, with a body hardened from war.

But Brent doesn’t remember who I am.

Not the days laughing and holding hands under a bright summer sky.

Nor the nights, sweltering as our bodies strained towards one another.

So how do I tell him my secret when he doesn’t even know who I am?

Hey Readers – As usual, this is another off-the-charts crazy story where a hardened soldier meets his match in our curvy, feisty heroine. But we promise, you’ll love the romance between Claire and her military man. As always, read with an ice cold drink nearby because you’re going to need it! 🙂 Love, Katie and Sarah

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Iron Soldier