Just One More

A MMF Bisexual Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Just this once, I want two men to be all mine.

When Blake and Bryan walked into my high school biology class, my mouth dropped open.

These were the new transfer students?

The twins were gorgeous: they were six three, with God-like physiques, black hair and mesmerizing green eyes.

But Blake and Bryan are more than just students.  They’re undercover cops working to bust a drug ring among the rich kids at Canterdale High.

And they enlist me in their scheme.

I’m a curvy girl, who’s supposed to be a honey pot in this plan.

I’ll be sexy, irresistible, not to mention wet and sticky with honey.

But what if Blake and Bryan want to sample me first?

Will the twins give me what I desire?

Or is just one more too much to handle? 

Hey Readers – You’ll adore this tale of a sassy curvy girl who challenges two undercover cops in the halls of her high school.  Blake and Bryan have a lot to offer, and they’re giving it ALL to Callie.  This is an MMF story where swords cross, but I promise that it’s so yummy that you’ll be begging for more!  Xoxo, Cassie

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Just One More