Just One Night (Vol. 4)

His Mistress

by Cassandra Dee

I was pregnant with the billionaire’s baby after just one night.

The thrilling conclusion to the bestselling Just One Night serial. Will Dominic confront Becca about the secret baby borne in love? Or is Becca destined to live the life of a single mother? Read to find out!

I took my sister Trina’s catering job as a favor. She said she had to look pretty for her fiancé, so I went to the mansion in her place.
That’s where I met Dominic. Powerful and hungry, the billionaire swept me off my feet.
But after one steamy evening, it ended because Dominic thinks I’m Trina.
He thinks I’m a crafty, gold-digging whore out to ensnare his brother and steal their family fortune.
He couldn’t be more wrong.
I don’t care about money.
I don’t care about fame.
I don’t care about stealing anything.
All I want is peace and happiness, with the man of my dreams at my side.
But everything’s gone wrong, and now I have his baby in my belly.
Will the billionaire throw me out?
Will he banish me to an island in the middle of nowhere?
Or will we become a family when he realizes that the baby is his son?

Hey Readers — This romantic story is filled with hot steam and plenty of adventure. Join Becca and Dominic as he sweeps her off her feet to the private island of Koh-i-Noor before engaging in an attempted escape and ecstatic reunion. There are cliffhangers in this serial. Enjoy! Cassandra

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Just One Night (Vol. 4)