My 3 Rockstar Bosses

We only come in one size: KING SIZE.

Hey Readers – What’s better than falling in love with one studly rockstar? THREE of them 😊 You’re gonna steam up, this story is so filthy and over the top. As always, HEA guaranteed with no cliffhangers and no cheating. Xoxo, Katie and Sarah

by Katie Ford

We only come in one size: KING SIZE.

Ladies love us.

Guys want to be us.

Because we’re rockstars soaring at the top of the charts.

But it’s not our music that get us into the tabloids.

Not our fame.

Not our money.

Not even our bad boy ways.

It’s something else that makes the tabloids go crazy.

A certain secret that makes women shiver with anticipation and delight.

In fact, make that THREE secrets: All of them KING SIZE.

And fortunately, we’re not afraid to use the magic on sweet Katy.

Oh yeah, our beautiful assistant needs to know her clients inside out.

The only question is …

Which one will she like best?

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My 3 Rockstar Bosses