My Fiance’s Twin Brothers

A Forbidden Romance

by Cassandra Dee

My fiancé cheated on me with my best friend, but I got back at him ... by sleeping with his twin brothers!

Natasha feels lucky to be dating a handsome male model. As a curvy girl, she’s always felt insecure about her shape and landing a fiancé like Galen is a huge coup. But what happens when Galen cheats on Natasha with her best friend? She’s hurt and angry, and out for revenge.

Drake and Dexter have always tolerated their younger brother. To them, Galen is a male beauty queen who makes money off his looks. But when their brother betrays his fiancée, the twins feel responsible. They make it up to Natasha in a way that has the sassy girl begging for more … even as she’s pregnant with their baby!

Hey Readers – Natasha is an independent, vivacious curvy girl who shows what she’s made of with imagination and sass. The gorgeous twins are her ex-fiancé’s brothers, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams in life and love. Sit back, relax, and let yourself indulge in this steamy tale. You’ll love it, I promise! Xoxo, Cassandra

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My Fiance’s Twin Brothers