Shared (Vol. 3)

An MFM Menage Romance

This is Volume 3 of Shared.  In this episode, Brock and Bryce find out if Kylie is their new stepmother.  Is it possible that their father is going to marry the beautiful dancer they met at the club?  But what about the dirty past between the twins and the gorgeous girl?  Read to find out!

by Cassandra Dee & Katie Ford

The two handsome billionaires changed my life.


I don’t make much, so I started dancing at a club nearby.

It wasn’t a big deal.  Lots of girls in my town do it.  Plus, it’s exciting.  There are bright lights, swirling colors, and of course, the music.  The music always carries me away.

But one day, a handsome customer walked in.

Tall and gorgeous, Brock is a girl’s dream come true.  He’s charming, suave and sophisticated, and a billionaire to boot.

Even more crazy, he seems to like me.  He laughs at my jokes and makes me feel special.  Who would have thought?  Boring little Kylie Jones from the wrong side of the tracks caught the eye of a very eligible bachelor.

But then, I meet Brock’s brother.

Make that his charming, muscular identical twin brother.

Suddenly, everything changes because the brothers want to strike a dirty deal with me.

Am I ready?

Am I prepared to give my all?

To be filled every which way?

Even more, what girl does this?

Because suddenly, nothing mattered anymore.  I was ready to be SHARED.

Hey Readers – You’ll enjoy this passionate rags to riches story of a girl breaking all the boundaries and finding her own path in life.  If you love tales of sassy, independent women who follow unconventional roads, then this is your book!  Please note that this is a serial with cliffhangers.  Love, Cassie and Katie

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Shared (Vol. 3)