Six Ways to Sin

A Reverse Harem Romance

by Cassandra Dee

I'm a flight attendant who serves more than drinks.

I work as a flight attendant for the hottest private charter company on the East Coast.

It’s an amazing job with incredible perks.

But even more enticing are the passengers because every single one is a billionaire.

Tall, dark and handsome.
Dominating as sin.
Charming and possessive.

As for me?

Well, I’m a shy girl, plump and curvy, pushing the drink cart.

Except this job brings out my deepest desires.

Because there’s Damien on the Dallas flight.
Charlie on the Chicago leg.
Nick in New York.
Aaron and Andrew in Atlanta.
And Tom in Texas.

The billionaires don’t know about each other.

Or so I hope.

Because when they find out …

How many ways can you say sin?

Hey Readers – Have you ever dreamed of the Mile High Club? If so, then you’ll love this book filled with steamy romance five hundred miles above ground with SIX different men. As usual, buckle your seat belts because it’s a wild ride  Xoxo, Cassie and Katie

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Six Ways to Sin