The Dirty Headmaster

A Teacher Student Forbidden Romance

by Cassandra Dee and Katie Ford

The headmaster's fierce, hot, and most of all, HUNGRY.

My dad sent me to reform school because I was a bad girl.

He said the headmaster there was known for his special techniques.

But what we didn’t realize is that Grayson Thorn isn’t just an academic. He’s also a man.

A tall, broad alpha male, with bright blue eyes, a wide chest, and a certain something that makes my mouth water.

He showed it to me after class one day, but instead of being afraid I became even more bold.

I begged him to teach me a lesson.

Because no matter the consequences, I don’t plan on being a good girl now.

Hey Readers – If you’ve ever been disciplined before then you know the reassurance of a strong, firm hand. Give into your deepest desires and let your fantasies go wild in this naughty tale of a student and her teacher. Love, Cassie and Katie

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The Dirty Headmaster