The Neighbor Next Door

A Forbidden Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Most people don’t think of their mom as “the competition.”  But when a gorgeous man moves in next door, Janie’s mom has her sights set on their new neighbor with the rippling muscles and charming grin.  But what happens when Trent only has eyes for Janie, her curvy, innocent daughter?

After doing a stint in jail, Trent’s just trying to stay out of trouble.  His new neighbor, Vivian, is all about wearing sexy bikinis when he’s out working in the yard.  But he doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about Vivian.  Instead, he’s drawn to Janie, Vivian’s virginal daughter with the sassy laugh and lush curves.

Hey Readers – This is a taboo tale where an older woman competes with her young, innocent daughter for the attentions of a hardened ex-con.  He’s muscled … he’s got tattoos … and he’s only got eyes for one woman in the end.  The story’s totally off the reservation, but in a good way.  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.  You’ll love it, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassandra

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The Neighbor Next Door