Their Secret

An MMF Bisexual Romance

by Cassandra Dee and Katie Ford

Rule One: Don’t date your therapist.

Rule Two: Don’t date the man of the house.

Rule Three: Definitely don’t date both at once.

Easy right? Guess again.

I’ve always had a strange relationship with my stepdad Gray.
We don’t get each other.
Well, I get him.
I see that body, hard and muscular.
And my mom’s long gone, so why not?
But Gray’s moral. A good guy. He wants me, but he doesn’t.
So we go to therapy together.
Except the therapist is gorgeous.
Mason Channing, PhD, helps couples resolve their issues.
But Dr. Channing’s not interested in fixing things because he’s interested in something else.
My curves.
My wetness.
Making me pant … as Gray watches.
This is wrong.
So bad.
Totally taboo.

But it’s the best therapy I’ve ever had …

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Their Secret