Three Rockstars of Sin

A Reverse Harem Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Kate is an eighteen year old curvy girl with the opportunity of a lifetime: to be a personal assistant to the three OTT alpha males of Hard Fought, a record-breaking band known for its soaring music; pulsing rhythms; and of course, the sculpted bodies of its musicians.  What she doesn’t realize is this job puts the personal in personal assistant.

Brody, Hudson and Gunner have been living in the fast lane ever since they got famous.  But secretly, they’re looking for a woman who’s lush and lovely, with a sweetness and light about her.  In walks their new assistant with a sassy smile on her lips and a fertile look to her hips.  But what happens when the curvy girl gets pregnant?  Will the rockstars settle down, or will Kate be a single mother raising a baby on her own?

Hey Readers – If you love bad boy rockstars who look like Greek Gods, then this is the book for you!  If you’re looking for THREE bad boy rockstars with muscular, gleaming chests and washboard abs, then get your guitar because we’re going to make some sweet music.  Swords do not cross in this book because this story is all about HER.  As always, an HEA guaranteed with no cliffhangers and no cheating.  Love, Cassandra

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Three Rockstars of Sin