Tie Me Up Daddy

A Mafia Bad Boy Romance

by Cassandra Dee

What Daddy says, is what I do. What Daddy wants, is what I give. What Daddy takes, is what I find.


I went undercover with the Mafia as a working girl.  It was a difficult assignment, but I took a vow to protect and serve.  There was a crime syndicate to be broken, and I wanted to do my part.

But that’s before I met Cash.  He’s an enforcer for the Mafia.  Gorgeous and huge, he’s called the Punisher for a reason.  He’s got a special baton that he uses to discipline unruly girls, and now, I’m part of his brood.

Daddy made me moan.

Daddy made me pant.

Daddy made me want it all.

Now, I’ve forgotten what I came for.  I was supposed to infiltrate the crime family, but all I can think of are Cash’s hot kisses and tender caresses.

How did this happen?  How can a sworn member of the NYPD be in love with a career criminal?

Even more, what do I do under these circumstances?  I’ve fallen in love with the mafia hitman, but do we have a future together when we’re on different sides of the law?

Hey Readers – Indulge in this passionate tale of a young woman trying to do right in the world.  Breanna wants to honor her vows as part of NYPD’s Finest, but when she falls in love with a gorgeous career criminal, what does it mean for her morals and values?  You’ll love this enthralling story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

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Tie Me Up Daddy