Unexpected Daddy

A Forbidden Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Jessa:  I’ve dreamed of Sam Nelson for ages.  Who wouldn’t?  The handsome EMT is absolutely gorgeous with piercing blue eyes, wavy blonde hair, and a muscular physique that would make any woman swoon.  Unfortunately, my fantasy gets away from me one night … only for Sam to find me in a very compromised position.

Sam:  The 9-1-1 dispatcher thought she heard chainsaws and screams on the other side of the phone.  As an EMT, I rushed to the scene, but what greeted me there is *not* what you’d expect.  Imagine my surprise when I find a curvy redhead on the bed.  But that’s not a chainsaw; that’s a different kind of toy.  And imagine my shock when I realize that Jessa’s not just screaming for fun … she’s screaming my name while begging for a baby!

Hey Readers – Get ready to be scandalized!  This story is a follow-up to Pregnant by 2 Men and Daddy in Waiting, although all three books are standalones.  In this story, we catch up with Jessa, a naughty redheaded bartender who’s discovered by a hunky EMT.  Good thing he’s always ready to go, because she needs to be rescued in the most delightful of ways!  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.  You’ll love the story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

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Unexpected Daddy