The Dirty Set-Up

Christa’s dad is sick and he needs medical treatment pronto.  She meets a handsome man on a date, but then the tables are turned:  Hunter offers  life-saving medical treatment for her father in exchange for unlimited access to her beautiful body.

After Hunter’s set up on a blind date with the gorgeous Christa, he’s floored.  The curvy girl’s got him hooked with her sassy ways and fiery spirit.  But when he finds out her dad needs medical treatment, he proposes the unthinkable:  access to care in return for three weeks of pure hedonism in his arms.  Will Christa agree?

Hey Readers – Watch sparks fly as Christa and Hunter work out their differences with passion and verve!  The curvy girl has doubts about the relationship, and it’s up to the OTT alpha male to show her otherwise.  Bring a fire hose because the heat level on this one is high!  You’ll love it, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

It’s A Deal

Kendall’s a student volunteering her time as part of a charitable medical mission.  She’s devoted to children, and health care is scarce in this remote region of Europe.  But two handsome doctors stand in her way:  Kane and Kent Drew.  Sure, the gorgeous physicians are volunteering their time too, but the cocky, arrogant twins drive her crazy even as they make her hot under her skirt.

Brothers Kane and Kent have a secret:  they’re royalty.  Literally, they were born into a noble house and their father is a king.  There are dozens of ladies lined up ready to become a princess, but after meeting the beautiful Kendall Smith, there’s only one woman who can satisfy their desire:  the curvy girl with the sweet smile who wants nothing to do with them.  Can the brothers change her mind?

Hey Readers – If you’ve ever wanted to put on a glass slipper, then this is your chance!  Kendall’s devoted to saving the world, but when she meets two doctors who are also royalty, everything goes haywire.  Will she indulge in a steamy ménage with the twin princes?  Read and find out.  You’ll love it, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie


Janie lives in a boring life schlepping to and from work. But one day, a chance encounter with her gorgeous neighbor brings unexpected results.

Travis is an emergency physician slaving away at his job at the hospital. He’s never thought about being a parent until the curvy girl reveals that she’s expecting his children!

P.S. It’s not one baby. It’s not two babies. Keep counting … almost there … that’s right, there are FIVE gifts from the stork!


Connie’s a twenty something virgin desperate for a baby. But she can’t afford the sky high prices at Sunset Fertility Clinic.

Dr. Chase Roman’s wanted a child for a long time. And when Connie steps into his office, suddenly all bets are off … because the curvy girl would be the perfect mom for his brood!

Hey Readers – Hold your horses because we’re off the reservation with this one 🙂 Our heroine wants to get pregnant so bad that she’s willing to do anything, and we mean ANYTHING, to make her dream come true 🙂 You’ll love it, we promise! xoxo Cassie and Katie

His Baby


I’m a doctor.  I give exams to all sorts of people.

But one day, Mace Jackson walks into my office, making my heart thud. He’s healthy as a horse, with broad shoulders and a powerful chest. There’s no way he’s sick.

But when we get personal, the fireworks start.

Because as a doctor, I know that not only is this man perfectly healthy but he’s also stunningly virile.

Plus, I’m baby crazy, did I mention?

Years of school have left me no time to date and meet men. Now the clock’s ticking, and the answer’s just walked through the door …

A baby with this man.

Or two babies.

Or even ten!

Hey Readers – This novella turns the doctor trope on its head because our sassy heroine’s the physician in this story. Suddenly, the key question is: gloves or no gloves? As always, it’s a totally crazy, taboo to the hilt romance that’ll leave a sugary sweet taste in your mouth. Love, Cassie and Kendall