The Soldier Next Door

Susie has a huge crush on her neighbor, the handsome Brady Firestone.  The veteran is everything a woman might ask for:  hardened and muscular with heavy tats and a charming smile.  She wants him, except she’s too young and innocent for the soldier.

Brady’s attracted to the teen girl next door, but it’s wrong because she’s still in high school.  Then, a care package arrives when he’s deployed.  It’s from his neighbor, and filled with naughty photos of the sassy woman.  Suddenly, it’s obvious that Susie’s not too young at all … and Brady’s determined to claim those lush curves for himself.

Hey Readers – Susie and Brady tear up the sheets in this steamy story of a feisty girl who’s out to tantalize her man.  Let’s just say that Brady Firestone is a soldier who can’t get back State-side soon enough.  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.  You’ll love the story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassandra

Just One More

When Blake and Bryan walked into my high school biology class, my mouth dropped open.

These were the new transfer students?

The twins were gorgeous: they were six three, with God-like physiques, black hair and mesmerizing green eyes.

But Blake and Bryan are more than just students.  They’re undercover cops working to bust a drug ring among the rich kids at Canterdale High.

And they enlist me in their scheme.

I’m a curvy girl, who’s supposed to be a honey pot in this plan.

I’ll be sexy, irresistible, not to mention wet and sticky with honey.

But what if Blake and Bryan want to sample me first?

Will the twins give me what I desire?

Or is just one more too much to handle? 

Hey Readers – You’ll adore this tale of a sassy curvy girl who challenges two undercover cops in the halls of her high school.  Blake and Bryan have a lot to offer, and they’re giving it ALL to Callie.  This is an MMF story where swords cross, but I promise that it’s so yummy that you’ll be begging for more!  Xoxo, Cassie

Don’t Fall For Me

Kyle O’Shea likes to keep things casual, especially when it comes to women.  Fun, fancy-free, and female are his three favorite words.  But when a beautiful brunette tells him she’s had his son, his world comes crashing down.

Claire never expected to get pregnant by a gorgeous Navy SEAL.  The curvy girl wanted to have some fun, and when she finds out she’s expecting, her world falls apart.  Will she and Kyle make a family together?  Or will the Navy SEAL never know his son?

Hey Readers – If you love a man in uniform, then Kyle O’Shea will knock your socks off.  Our hero meets his match in the sassy, feisty Claire because our curvy girl gives as good as she gets.  Of course, there’s a happily ever after for our couple, and a secret baby too.  Enjoy!  Cassandra

Tie Me Up Daddy


I went undercover with the Mafia as a working girl.  It was a difficult assignment, but I took a vow to protect and serve.  There was a crime syndicate to be broken, and I wanted to do my part.

But that’s before I met Cash.  He’s an enforcer for the Mafia.  Gorgeous and huge, he’s called the Punisher for a reason.  He’s got a special baton that he uses to discipline unruly girls, and now, I’m part of his brood.

Daddy made me moan.

Daddy made me pant.

Daddy made me want it all.

Now, I’ve forgotten what I came for.  I was supposed to infiltrate the crime family, but all I can think of are Cash’s hot kisses and tender caresses.

How did this happen?  How can a sworn member of the NYPD be in love with a career criminal?

Even more, what do I do under these circumstances?  I’ve fallen in love with the mafia hitman, but do we have a future together when we’re on different sides of the law?

Hey Readers – Indulge in this passionate tale of a young woman trying to do right in the world.  Breanna wants to honor her vows as part of NYPD’s Finest, but when she falls in love with a gorgeous career criminal, what does it mean for her morals and values?  You’ll love this enthralling story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

Iron Soldier

Brent Lewis was everything to me five years ago.

But he left me to join the Army without even a goodbye.

Now he’s back.

Devastatingly handsome, with a body hardened from war.

But Brent doesn’t remember who I am.

Not the days laughing and holding hands under a bright summer sky.

Nor the nights, sweltering as our bodies strained towards one another.

So how do I tell him my secret when he doesn’t even know who I am?

Hey Readers – As usual, this is another off-the-charts crazy story where a hardened soldier meets his match in our curvy, feisty heroine. But we promise, you’ll love the romance between Claire and her military man. As always, read with an ice cold drink nearby because you’re going to need it! 🙂 Love, Katie and Sarah


Janie reluctantly takes her friend’s place on a blind date. It sounds like a bad idea, but when she gets a look at the dark, handsome Brent, suddenly the night just got a lot better.

Brent’s back from a deployment overseas. On the outside, the veteran seems fine: handsome, charming, with a sculpted body honed from war. But on the inside, the alpha male’s got a possessive streak that makes Janie shiver, shake, and want what only the bad boy can give.

Hey Readers – Who’s been bad in the dark before? You’re gonna love this naughty tale of two people finding love unexpectedly. As always, bring a cold drink … or a fan … or both 🙂 Love, Cassie and Kendall