The Boss Series

Pregnant by the Billionaire

Elisa’s always wanted to be a published author.  When her book is picked up by a prestigious publishing house, she’s over-the-moon with delight.  But what she doesn’t bank on is clashing with the president of the company, Robert Cameron.  Sure, Robert is handsome, charming, and to-die-for-gorgeous, but he also wants her to change her book.  Not. 

Rob Cameron has worked in publishing for a long time.  He’s been through multiple industry ups and downs, and recognizes talent when he sees it.  But when he meets the beautiful Elisa Morgan, suddenly he’s faced with a dilemma:  the curvy girl is headstrong and refuses to make his edits.  Her book is her baby, and Robert isn’t allowed to touch it … even after he gives her a baby the real way.

Pregnant by the Billionaire is a steamy romance that will make you laugh out loud while also savoring the heart-pounding passion on the pages.  Elisa is a modern-day heroine, and no dashing billionaire is going to tell her what to do with her book (even if Robert is all too persuasive).   Lose yourself in this romantic comedy with lots of smiles, lots of tears, and lots of heart.  You’ll love it, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie and Kendall

Pregnant By The CEO

Casey Henderson is fearless.  The sassy advice columnist dishes with the best when it comes to telling the hard truth.  But can she handle a dose of her own wisdom when it comes to the infuriatingly gorgeous Pierce Lane?  

Pierce has dated more than his share of shady ladies in New York City.  He’s sworn “never again” many times over and is ready to retreat to the peace and quiet of his country home.  But everything changes when the curvy, feisty Casey Henderson targets him in one of her advice columns.  What the hell?  He’s a good man who gives generously of himself, both time and money-wise.  But the sassy reporter is about to learn a harsh lesson because the CEO’s forgiveness doesn’t come easy … even though Casey’s pregnant with his baby.

Let Cupid’s Arrow strike where it may!  You’ll adore watching the sparks fly between the billionaire and the curvy girl in a titanic war of the wills.  Give into your deepest desires because our hero doesn’t disappoint in any of the ways that matter.  Enjoy!  Xoxo, Cassandra

Pregnant By My Boss

Katie’s a party planner with only one goal: to put together soirees that are so extravagant and unforgettable that her clients hire her again and again. But when she gets pregnant after a steamy night with a man in a mask, the curvy girl’s not sure what to do next.

Trent Moore has everything at his fingertips, including wealth, fame, and an overabundance of women. But when a feisty party planner comes to work for him, he decides to take matters into his own hands … including putting a baby in her belly by any means possible!

Hey Readers — Work can get crazy sometimes, and in this case, it’s over the top naughtiness when it comes to our handsome billionaire.  As always, read with an ice cold drink nearby because you’re going to need it! 🙂  Of course there’s an HEA, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.  Love, Cassie and Kendall

My Boyfriend’s Boss

Daisy’s an innocent waitress trying to support herself and her sick dad. She’s got a boyfriend, but Ralph has serious problems, including debts he can’t pay.

Brick is a corporate titan with wealth and power at his fingertips. When his employee Ralph screws up big time, he demands compensation … in the form of the sweet, creamy Daisy, Ralph’s girlfriend!

Hey Readers — This story is an off-the-charts crazy and ridiculous tale featuring sparks between our innocent virgin and the alpha billionaire who always gets what he wants. But if you’re looking for a good time, then this book is gonna satisfy that craving. As always, read with an ice cold drink nearby because you’re going to need it! 🙂 Love, Cassie and Kendall