The Claiming Her Series

Claiming Her In the Forest

My parents pissed me off.

They’re rich people who only care about the material things in life.

Even worse, my parents were embarrassed about my weight and wanted to send me to diet camp!

So I run away.

But the forest is filled with animals.

In particular, there’s a huge mountain man rumored to be living deep in the woods.

He’s got sharp yellow eyes, curved talons, and teeth that will eat a young girl.

Even more, he’s virile.

So much so that I can’t help myself.

It’s the perfect way to piss my parents off.  Imagine that:  me with the wild beast, my soft form clutched tight in those brawny arms.

But what happens when he gets me pregnant?

Hey Readers – Emma thinks she’s Little Red Riding Hood, but what happens when the Big Bad Wolf gives her a baby?  That wasn’t supposed to happen! (at least, not in Emma’s elite world)  You’ll love the story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassandra

Claiming Her As a Daddy

Ava’s hired to be a hostess at an exclusive club on a private island, far from the rest of the world.  She thinks she’s there to serve a group of handsome, demanding billionaires, but what happens when playboy Carver Temple catches her in an extremely compromising situation?

Carver’s got everything at his fingertips, from fast cars and beautiful women, to boatloads of money and a life filled with utter hedonism.  He’s bored out of his mind, but a visit to Billionaires Island changes all that when he meets the sassy, feisty Ava.  Because Carver and his friends have set up a contest, and he’s going to make sure he wins by any means necessary… even if it means putting a baby in Ava’s belly!

Ever wanted to indulge in a fantastically taboo fantasy?  Then here’s your chance!  The billionaires have dreamed up a competition that will rock your world, this time in a secluded island paradise.  Let go of your inhibitions and get ready for a rip-roarin’ good time!  As always, bring ice so you don’t overheat.  Xoxo, Cassie

Claiming Her At the Bar

I was stuck in a throwaway job at place called the Second Star Diner. It was everything you wish it wasn’t: greasy, dirty, and with too many gross guys leering at me.

But after the Second Star was held up by criminals, I was whisked away by my captors to a completely different setting: The Billionaires Club.

Working at their elite underground bar, I was expected to do all the usual waitress things.

Wear glittery outfits.

Prance around in high heels.

And keep the dominating alpha males happy by any means necessary.

But now I’ve fallen in love with Mr. Carmichael.

I wasn’t supposed to, but it happened … and now I’m pregnant with his baby!

Hey Readers – Can anyone say va-va-voom? This is the Billionaires Club at its finest 🙂 So many people wrote us begging for more of the Claiming Her series that we had to keep going!  As usual, the story’s off the charts crazy and taboo, so keep a drink close by to cool down! You’ll love it, we promise 🙂 xoxo Cassie and Sarah

Claiming Her In the Pool

It would be easy: pick up towels and serve drinks to bored billionaires with too much time and money on their hands.

But when I saw what happens at the pool, my mouth dropped open.

Let’s just say that they have to change the water daily, if not hourly, because there’s so much hot goop that it can’t possibly stay clean.

But one day, a handsome billionaire sees me … and his blue eyes gleam.

Trent Lewis is irresistible with a body to die for and an empire at his command.

But he only has one thing on his mind.

Swimming lessons.

Getting that water dirty all over again.

Floating among the bubbles.

Enjoying the steamy depths.

And after we’re done, they’ll have to drain the entire pool to get it clean!

Hey Readers – We’re back at the Billionaires Club for some filthy debauchery. As usual, the story’s off the charts crazy and taboo, so keep a drink close by to cool down!  Plus, be sure to check out the entire Claiming Her series.  It’s all about the filthy taboo stories that keep you on your toes.  You’ll love the series, we promise 🙂 xoxo Cassie and Sarah

Claiming Her In the Ring

The first rule of Battle Bang is you don’t talk about Battle Bang.

The second rule of Battle Bang is that you don’t talk about Battle Bang.

The third rule of Battle Bang is that you’re going to lose … and love every second of it.

We have a special type of Fight Club.

Only the most delectable girls get to join.

And then they wrestle us — huge, muscular guys who are 210 pounds of pure heft.

The oil goes on slick.

Hard muscles flex.

And curves fly everywhere.

But one day, Lily Forrester walks into the club. She’s beautiful and luscious, with long chestnut hair trailing down her back. Her shyness calls out to me, along with that sweet smile.

Maybe Lily isn’t ready to fight …

But it doesn’t matter because I’ve already put a baby in her belly!

Hey Readers — Get ready for some filthy, knock-down, drag-out fun! You’ll love our alpha hero when he throws our curvy heroine down to the mat in a no-holds-barred wrestling match. You can guess what happens when there’s skin-on-skin contact!  Who taps out first?  As always, turn the fan on HIGH because the heat level’s going to make you melt.  xoxo, Cassie and Sarah