The Dial-A-Date Series

Bad Cop

Marisa’s driving back from a party with a friend when they’re pulled over. The sweet girl’s in big trouble because if she gets arrested, then her parents are taking away her privileges, including money for next year’s tuition.

Officer Liam Davies is a ten-year veteran of the force. He takes his job to keep the community safe seriously. But when he sees Marisa’s car weaving on the road one night, all bets are off because he’s giving the curvy girl more than a ticket … he’s giving her a baby!

Hey Readers – Let’s just say our sassy heroine isn’t just bold, she’s also creative when it comes to getting out of her traffic fine.   Plus, this cop isn’t as good as he seems because shhh!  Officer Davies is also moonlighting as a male escort.  As always, an HEA’s guaranteed for our feisty BBW and her handsome hero.   xoxo, Cassie and Kendall

Client Number Six

Jennie needs a date for her high school reunion. Ten years out, she wants to show the mean girls that she’s made it career-wise, looks-wise, and most importantly, relationship-wise. One problem: There’s no boyfriend in sight. Not even close.  So she turns to a male escort service that promises men who are STALLION-sized.

Jason’s a former high school quarterback who works as a movie producer. He moonlights on the side meeting women and providing the “boyfriend experience.” Little does he know that his next client is the curvy girl from his past … who’s turned into a bombshell!

Warning: This story is absolute filth mixed with a dose of sugary sweet goodness. In fact, it’s so sugary that you might have trouble swallowing all that salty fun. But who hasn’t wanted to go back to their HS reunion with a hot guy on their arm? Trust me, you’ll love it 🙂 xoxo, Cassie and Kendall

The President, My Lover

But I never thought my gigolo would be the President of the United States!

Bridget’s had one too many bad dates. Desperate for one to go well, she decides to turn to the professionals – Gold Medallion Escort Services, a company that provides handsome men ready to satisfy your every craving.

President Robert Carter is up to his elbows in politics and business. He doesn’t have time to socialize, much less meet women like a regular guy. So when the opportunity to escort presents itself, the alpha seizes the chance … but he never expected to fall for the beautiful brunette with the sassy curves!

Hey Readers – Bridget meets her match in this story of a feisty girl and the American President. Get ready for a ride on Air Force One that’ll make your cheeks (and panties) melt! Xoxo, Cassie