The Double Series

Double Candy Canes

I grew up at Sunset Residences.  The double-wide trailers here are what I’m used to and what I like.

Unfortunately, Daddy has a gambling problem that’s left us up the creek.

One day, my dad’s friends stop by:  Drake and Derek Stone.  They’re presumably coming by to “borrow a cup of sugar” but I know what they’re really here for.

Daddy’s gambling problem has gotten out of control, and Drake and Derek are here to collect on his debt.

But what do I have to offer?

Will the two gorgeous men take my sweetness as payment in full this holiday season?

Or are two enormous candy canes too much for me to handle?

Hey Readers – The mistletoe is working its magic because Mercy finds love in the hands of two growly, handsome alpha males who are completely over the top when it comes to claiming what’s THEIRS. Get out your candy canes for a rockin’ good time!  You’ll love the story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

Double Trouble

Kyleigh:  Years ago, my mother married the twins’ father.  Roman and Ryder, my new stepbrothers, were rude, arrogant, and embarrassed me in front of the entire lacrosse team.  I wanted the floor to swallow me whole.  But when I return to little Farmingdale for our high school reunion, everything changes because the twins look at me with new eyes.  They appreciate my curves, and there’s electricity flowing in the air.  The problem is that after one fateful night, I’m pregnant with their children.  I’m expecting twins … and my stepbrothers are my babydaddies.

Roman:  We never meant to get her pregnant.  But Kyleigh’s changed a lot.  She used to be a tall, skinny beanpole with an awkward gait and coke bottle glasses.  The woman who showed up at our high school reunion was completely different:  sassy and shapely, with curves that made our mouths water.  It was never supposed to happen, but her allure was too strong.  Kyleigh’s now pregnant with our twins, and my brother and I are going to find some way to make this work even if it costs us everything.

Note to my readers:  Hot hot hot!  Lose yourself in this dramatic tale of a girl who finds herself pregnant with twins by her twin stepbrothers.  As always, keep a cool glass of lemonade on hand because you’ll be sweating with excitement by the end.  Love, Cassie

Double Desire

Karlie:  When my mom married Jerry McKesson, I thought my life was over.  Jerry’s twin sons, Colt and Cain, are insufferable, rude, and arrogant, not to mention football stars.  My quiet life as a photographer has been upended because now, I live down the hall from two gorgeous men who do whatever they want.  They bring friends over late at night, blast music until the crack of dawn, and of course, there’s an endless stream of floozies.  The banging noises at night?  The creaky headboard and breathy, soundless moans?  The twins live to torment me, even if I secretly want to be the object of their affections.

Colt:  My brother and I couldn’t believe it when we met our new stepsister.  Karlie was curvy, unassuming, and totally innocent.  We figured our nightly escapades would shock the socks off her but looks definitely lie.  One night, we take a trip to the big city to “make it rain” with our football buddies.  It’s a pre-game tradition:  we hit up local joints looking for pretty girls, and then toss bills for good luck.  But when the curtain pulls apart at a particularly seamy club, suddenly the beautiful woman on the stage makes our jaws drop.  Are our eyes deceiving us, or have we just unveiled a titillating secret about our shy stepsister?

Hey readers – You’ll love this steamy romance because of its crazy twists and turns!  Karlie, Cain and Colt face uphill battles but of course, the trio come out winners in the end.  You’ll love it, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

Double Love

I can’t afford tuition.  Not even close.  With my measly salary, I can’t even afford food.

So I started dancing at a private club.  It wasn’t my first choice.  After all, what girl wants to get up on stage and sway to music for an audience?

But after my first night, I met them.

Zander and Zeke.

Identical twins.

Gorgeous and muscular, and billionaires to boot.

They made me a deal:  work for them, and they would triple my earning power.

But what happens when I fall in love with not one, but both alpha males?

Some people say I should run.

Some people say I should hide.

But I want to stay because the twins give me something I’ve always craved desperately:  love, times two.

Am I crazy?

Am I insane?

Or am I worthy of double the love?

Hey Readers – You’ll enjoy this rags to riches story of a young woman who finds her place in the world with not one, but two, handsome alpha males.  As always, bring a fire extinguisher because you’ll be going up in flames!  Enjoy!  Love, Cassie

Double Exposure

After my sister died, I took a job at her husband’s firm to help out. It was just a temporary thing. They were so buried with work that I figured the temp job would be just that. Something temporary.

But then Brian told me to bend over.

He’s my sister’s ex, sure. But he’s also the boss. How can I say no?

And when he and his business partner, Jed, invite me to their office for an after-hours chat, something tells me that things will start getting dirty.

Something tells me that these two men have a lesson planned for me, where I’ll be doing everything and anything they want, tied up and bent over, just to earn my paycheck.

And when this temp job is done, the on the job training won’t be over. Because I’ll be doubled up, crawling, and begging them for more.

But the question is … will I ever get enough?

Double Dare

Mason and Derek are billionaire partners in a corporate conglomerate. They struck a business deal and needed a girl to be their fake fiancée – me.

But first I had to be convinced.

So they taught me everything there is to know about pleasing two men. How to whisper. How to tease. How to give.

And before I know it, I’m head over heels.

Because even though the engagement’s fake, suddenly it feels all too real.

Engaged? To two men?


Hey Readers – Let your fantasies soar with this steamy MMF romance. You’ll love the M/M heat between two dominant alpha males who can’t get enough of each other or the feisty curvy girl who’s brought them together. As always, there’s no cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy! Love, Cassie