The Manning Brothers

Just The Tip

I’m a girl with a scandalous past.  What I used to do would make anyone blush.

But I’m a different woman now.  I’ve changed.

So when Rafael Connor, billionaire CEO, shows interest in me, thrills run down my spine.  Rafael has everything, and he seems to adore my spirited personality and sassy curves too.

But what happens when my past comes out of the woodwork?

Will the billionaire forgive me?

Or will I have to be satisfied with just the tip?

Hey Readers – We’re back with the Manning Brothers for another spicy story!  This time, Jenna gets her due.  She hasn’t always been a good girl, but she learns that some things are worth sacrificing for, especially when it comes to love.  Join Jenna on this journey and prepare to get your socks knocked off!  As always, there’s no cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for our curvy heroine.  You’ll love the story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassie

Just Two Much

I went to Vegas for a bachelorette party.

We were supposed to go to a Celine Dion concert, but instead we went to Lucky Paradise Two, where men dance for customers.

It was just one time.

In the back.

In the dark.

With a set of hot twins.

But what happens when they turn out to be my stepbrothers?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

Unless they’ve left me with a baby …

Hey Readers – The Manning Brothers series continues with Caden and Caleb’s story.  The twins are billionaires masquerading as go-go dancers, and the results are steamy!  Put on your seatbelts because our sassy heroine finds true love in the most unlikely place of all.  As always, the heat is on HIGH.  You’ll adore the story, I promise!  Xoxo, Cassandra

Just One Inch

We were never supposed to meet.

It was an anonymous night with a handsome, dominating stranger.

But when I begged him, he gave me more than an inch.

He gave me everything … including a baby.

Then I found out the truth and was absolutely horrified.

How could this happen?

This isn’t who I am!

But now, I’m pregnant and the gorgeous man is going to be a daddy.

What do we do?

Hey Readers – The Manning Brothers are here for more good times!  Tina and Jake meet for an encounter that blows both of them away, but can they make it work once the going gets real?  The steam level is turned up high, and you’ll love the saucy tale of a feisty girl and her OTT alpha male.  Enjoy!  Love, Cassandra

Just One More

When Blake and Bryan walked into my high school biology class, my mouth dropped open.

These were the new transfer students?

The twins were gorgeous: they were six three, with God-like physiques, black hair and mesmerizing green eyes.

But Blake and Bryan are more than just students.  They’re undercover cops working to bust a drug ring among the rich kids at Canterdale High.

And they enlist me in their scheme.

I’m a curvy girl, who’s supposed to be a honey pot in this plan.

I’ll be sexy, irresistible, not to mention wet and sticky with honey.

But what if Blake and Bryan want to sample me first?

Will the twins give me what I desire?

Or is just one more too much to handle? 

Hey Readers – You’ll adore this tale of a sassy curvy girl who challenges two undercover cops in the halls of her high school.  Blake and Bryan have a lot to offer, and they’re giving it ALL to Callie.  This is an MMF story where swords cross, but I promise that it’s so yummy that you’ll be begging for more!  Xoxo, Cassie